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Each one of the relationship with our clients it’s based in the vocation of permanence and the deepening in needs and solutions, namely, the full satisfactions for our clients. That’s the main target in any organization.

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Do you want to hire internet with optical fiber in Perleta, Elche?

NAVEGATEL is the company that provides individuals and companies with high speed internet connection, fixed and mobile telephone services and television to those points where the traditional network does not reach.

If you are looking for a high speed internet connection, or landline, mobile or television services in El Altet, you have come to the right place.

In Grupo NAVEGATEL we have been operating since 2001 helping individuals and companies to be fully connected despite being located in areas where it does not reach the traditional network. You can be in luck if you thought you could not have internet in your house or company, NAVEGATEL provides the type of connection you need at an unbeatable price.

Can I have optical fiber if I do not have a telephone line?

As the WiMAX service is not fixed to the physical copper pair line, it can be used even if there is no previous telephone line installation in your home.

The WiMAX service offered by NAVEGATEL can offer both broadband Internet (from 256 kbps down and up) and telephony services. Also television transmission services, video on demand, surveillance and security applications and everything that could be connected to a data network; Regardless of the existence of cables.

If NAVEGATEL does not offer its services through the traditional network in Elche, how does it do it?

The answer is through the Wimax system. WiMAX stands for 'Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access', a wireless data transmission standard that, thanks to its bandwidth, enables the deployment of fixed voice services, Internet access, data communications over private networks, and Video on demand.

WiMAX is designed to build a network infrastructure when the environment or distance is not conducive to a wired network. It is a faster and cheaper alternative than having to install cables. For this reason, it is an ideal option for all regions of Alicante that do not have an installation, such as some locations as El Altet or districts of Elche such as Perleta, Carrús, Derramador etc.

This makes Wimax offer DSL or cable modem-like connections without cables, making it the leading candidate for the Metropolitan Internet Access Network base, as well as providing support to facilitate connections in Rural areas, and used in the business world to implement internal communications. In addition, its arrival has meant the definitive takeoff of other technologies, such as VoIP (voice calls over the IP protocol).

What services does NAVEGATEL offer?

In NAVEGATEL we make your home or community of neighbors can enjoy the same internet services and fixed and mobile telephony, although in your area you do not enjoy the same infrastructures as other citizens. Each of the relationships with our clients is based on the vocation of permanence and the deepening of needs and solutions, that is to say, the full satisfaction of our subscribers.

These are the services we provide to private clients and neighborhood communities:

Rural Internet. At NAVEGATEL we are concerned that communications in rural areas are as similar as existing urban centers. Therefore, we try to offer them the best quotas and, above all, the best technical service so that their communications are as fluid as in the urban area .

Currently with NAVEGATEL, you can contract from the most basic fee of 2 Mb of download, to the most powerful of up to 20 Mb of download, with a minimum installation cost, which can even go free for free depending on the promotion you choose.

Internet for communities of neighbors. NAVEGATEL offers neighboring communities what other operators do not offer: dedicated Internet access. In this way, all the users of the community have broadband, without limit of flow. Through a quick and easy installation, we provide internet access without high line and with the best price for dedicated connection. We guarantee an uninterrupted service, with a connection speed that exceeds any of the other operators.

You can have your broadband connection in your community from € 9.90 per month (from 3 neighbors) with a minimum activation cost permanence. The access consists of an initial installation of € 60.00 per neighbor plus VAT, and the monthly fee is based on the number of users who hire the line. Speed 6 Mbps.

Fixed telephony. Within our telephone service there are no time slots to call cheaper. Our service is a 24 HOUR service. We install it, we connect it to our network and you can call. With our rates you can get a savings of up to 80% on your phone calls, since the billing we do per second, and we do not charge you for a call establishment (except for 9XX, 8XX numbers) or administrative costs.

Mobile telephony with no commitment of permanence. With NAVEGATEL's mobile rates, you can talk as much as you want, surf the time you want, and send the sms you need. All for a fixed fee per month to control your spending. And if you want Internet in the mobile to take advantage of all the features of your smartphone, the flexibility of a very low price per minute rate and sms without limits, you have the Internet + sms rate. And if you prefer, all services in a single Invoice.If for convenience, you want to pay all the services that we have described in a single invoice, you just have to call us and ask for our products combined. We know how important it is for you to have the service ready as soon as possible, that's why we do not want to keep you waiting. In a maximum period of 24 hours since you signed the contract you can enjoy your Internet access.

How can I request my registration with NAVEGATEL to contract optical fiber in Perleta, Elche?

You can fill out any form of this web page, through our customer service department at 902 63 63 74 or by email In any of these ways we can be in contact.

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